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Mama Dog Enjoys Friendly Massage From Rescue Cat Best Friend

Occurred on December 20, 2020 / Pandi, Bulacan, Philippines

Info from Licensor: My cat named Seven was a stray cat that we adopted together with its sibling but unfortunately, its sibling got sick and died. Since then he became close to our dogs and they became best friends. Seven was really sweet and he always plays and sleeps with his best friend - our dog Candy. And now that Candy gave birth, after a few weeks I noticed that she's not feeling well and Seven came to her and gave her a massage. And now we noticed that almost every day after Candy breastfeeds her puppies, Seven will give her a massage and after that, they will sleep together.

Location Pandi, Bulacan, Philippines
Occurred Dec-20-2020
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Dec-20-2020