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NYC Subway Pervert - Repeat Offender

Occurred on December 16, 2015 / New York City, NY, USA

Info from Licensor: "Nine months ago I entered the southbound #2 train to sit exactly across from a man and young female I started realizing he was staring at the young lady for a very longtime. I realized he was fondling himself behind a book bag. I pulled my phone out and started recording him in shock and disgust. He did this lewd act in front of a lot of passengers and I wanted to say something but being 7 months pregnant I feared he could hurt me. As I left the train I tapped the young lady and warned her to watch your surroundings. I wanted to tell her what I was seeing but he was staring at me very evil. Months later I was watching the news to see the same man who was threatened to get off a train behind a lady who caught him masturbating as well so I notified the News Pix 11. I did meet detectives and did a line-up and yes I picked him out. Unfortunately, he was let right out with a misdemeanor. I now fear that he may see me or fear that he can go this time all the way and follow a young girl home and can possibly be a sexual predator. I feel his face and actions need to be exploited for everyone's safety. He goes by the name Kevin Cuff." - Nicole De'Chabert
Location New York City, NY, USA
Occurred Dec-16-2015
Posted By Nicole De'Chabert
Posted On Aug-22-2016