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Dog Causes Pilot To Crash Drone And Start Fire

Occurred on July 10, 2018 / Springfield, Oregon, USA

Info from Licensor: "I went out to a field, that I have been flying at for 2 years now, to fly my FPV(First Person View) drone, or as some people in the hobby call it a quadcopter. Since I'm flying an FPV drone I have a pair of Fatshark goggles on, so I can only see what the drone sees. I heard someone approaching with dogs, so I flew around the area to see who was there. I could see the dogs and the guy from drone and I heard the dogs run up to me. They seemed friendly, then one of them jumped up on me knocking the transmitter out of my hands and I immediately lost control and my drone came crashing down and sparked a fire when it hit the ground. The crash was pretty hard. It broke one of the arms, so my guess is a wire came loose and caused a short or impact. The cells on the battery were still intact so I don't think the fire was caused by the battery. In the future I am going to be more careful where I choose to fly during the dry season and I’m getting a fire extinguisher to bring with me when I fly."

Location Springfield, Oregon, USA
Occurred Jul-10-2018
Posted On Jul-15-2018