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Kaya's First Time Sticking Her Head out of the Window

Occurred on July 9, 2021 / Washington DC, USA

Info from Licensor: In this video, my partner and I were heading home from a friend's house. She was sitting in my lap and was showing much interest in watching shrubbery going by, on the side of the road. It was as if she had just begun to notice the world passing by. She had been in the car a few times previously though her attention was focused on what was happening in the vehicle, playing with her toys and chewing on her bone. When she hopped on the door and placed her chin at the base of the window I opened it and she began living her best life. She started pouncing on the door, with wide eyes, a huge puppy smile, and excitement, trying to figure out what wizardry had just taken place. I could see her all sensory mode go into full drive. While on one hand, she was trying the smell the wind passing by, she couldn't help but to bite and play with it. She had been doing this for about 3 minutes straight before I had the thought to get a video for my memories album.
Location Washington DC, USA
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Posted By Natasha Galyean
Posted On Jul-12-2021


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