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Snake Fight

Occurred on October 9, 2016 / Dayboro, Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Australian carpet pythons battle for the heart of the local female. This footage is in the kitchen of our residential space on a commercial property that I own and lease other areas to shops and other businesses. Our kitchen is yet to be renovated, so it's quite primitive and is not at all well sealed from the outside world.The property is on the main street of a small country town. We're bordered by a creek which is abundant with wildlife. I've been aware of one of these snakes living in the ceiling above my bedroom during the warmer seasons, which is no concern to me as these pythons are harmless and helpful for pest control, and to help keep away the deadly snakes that we've seen on the property. I saw the tail of a large snake inside the kitchen as I returned from my shed. The snake quickly went under a table and out of my site. When I moved around to see where it was going it'd already started wrapping itself around the other snake to start the battle.
I assumed at first that they were mating, but I've been told by a few people that they are battling by trying to knock the opponents head into the ground. This process went on for about 1 hours before I ran out of time to continue watching. I wanted to be sure they wouldn't break anything so I used a stick to gently drag them outside. They continued to fight as they were being moved, and I'm not even sure they noticed. They continued to fight and I checked a couple of times that they were still going. I estimate the battle ended within 2 hours.I can safely assume that there is a female python nearby that are fighting over to claim this territory."

Location Dayboro, Queensland, Australia
Occurred Oct-9-2016
Posted By Murray John Paas
Posted On Oct-13-2016