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Man Stops A Speeding Box Stock Kart

Watch as a man, named Doug Lockwood, stops a moving quad and prevents it from driving into a crowded pit area! Thanks to Fast Four Media for the footage!
Info From Licensor: "As the driver exited the race track (at the conclusion of a heat race), the driver realized their throttle was stuck and they lost brakes in the process of trying to slow themselves down. Being as young as the drivers are in that class, she didn't know how to shut it off or she couldn't reach the kill switch. Therefore, she began to drive around the pit area, where fans and crews are located. Posing a threat to something or someone, something had to be done. She drove around for a couple of minutes before driving parallel to the backstretch of the speedway. As she rounded the corner, Doug was standing there where he originally planned to place a quad as an obstacle but the quad could not get over some hay bales blocking his access to the road. He jumped off the quad and figured he would try to intimidate her into slowing down (probably not knowing she had no brakes) and instead ended up being in her path. Doug had to do something so he grabbed onto the car and tried to slow it down and shut it down. If he did not stop the car, it could've been tragic. Lots of vehicles and people were around the corner she was headed towards. Doug potentially saved someone from injury including the driver who could've been hurt if she had hit an object such as a car. Now, the racetrack has mandated kill switches for those cars that the driver can reach in case of this happening again. This division of cars hosts the youngest drivers on the track, known as the Beginner Box Stock class."
Location: Chowchilla, CA - Chowchilla Speedway
Occurrence Date: February 7, 2016
Location Chowchilla Speedway, Chowchilla, CA, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Kyler Shaw
Posted On Feb-10-2016


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