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'Happy Birthday' Piano Duet with Peter the Elephant

Info From Licensor: "I am a classical concert pianist. For my baby daughter Emilie's 1st birthday I took her on an adventure with elephants in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Instead of playing "Happy Birthday" the usual way on piano at home, I thought she might enjoy to meet Peter the Elephant (who has played piano with me many time before she was born) and have her birthday song played by us both as a duet on piano. I set up my practice keyboard and let her play as she usually does at home, but for a surprise, Peter the Elephant came walking towards us and joined in spontaneously with his trunk, as he did on previous occasions. I also brought along her toy piano, which is actually a very good miniature piano) and Peter the gentle giant, joined in on this tiny instrument for an encore of Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday was a song actually under copyright but recently it has been ruled in a major court case to be finally in the public domain." -Paul Barton
Location: Royal Elephant Kraal, Ayutthaya, Thailand
Occurrence Date: November 19th, 2015

Location Royal Elephant Kraal, Ayutthaya, Thailand
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Posted By Paul Barton
Posted On Feb-8-2016