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Friendly Camel Tries to Fit in Birdhouse

Occurred on February 9, 2021 / New Brunswick, Canada

Info from Licensor: Shamy is a 4-year-old dromedary camel. He has a puppy-like personality and is very playful and silly. He loves his emu friends and doesn't understand he's a 7ft tall camel. He has been trying to fit himself in the birdhouse for over a month and still doesn't understand he won't fit. A for his determination haha. He's owned by me at Llamazing adventures where we operate a llama hiking company and animal petting farm where people can come hike on the beach or by the river with our animals and come cuddle and give treats to our camel, llamas, alpacas, horses, and emus. Shamy loves getting visits and attention. He is always the first to come greet our guests.

Credit: Llama-zing adventures

Location New Brunswick, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By Josee Gautreau
Posted On Feb-18-2021