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How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck? And its pups?

Occurred on June 17, 2015 / Rahway, NJ
Info: Was a beautiful day and all of nature was out and about, so I decided that after I've finished mowing the lawn, that I'd record our family of woodchucks, that arrived this spring.    

"A Woodchuck that had a burrow behind my sister's house, just up and disappeared, this Spring and we thought that it(she), had died. Well, lo and behold, mid-Spring we begin to see little, fat, furry things exploring around the neighbors yard. At first we didn't realize what they were, but then one day, I saw one in front of the neighbor's house, near their car and immediately, I knew that the ol' Woodchuck, was still kickin'...and making babies, but that it had moved to a safer place, to have them. A place without two big dogs patrolling the grounds,(hence, the neighbors fenced-in yard)."

Location Rahway, NJ
Occurred not known
Posted By Bryant W. Slade
Posted On Jun-19-2015