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Cat Excited to See Dad

Occurred on November 18, 2022 / USA

Info from Licensor: "My husband is a double lung transplant survivor (transplant Feb 2012); he’s now in kidney failure. He had multiple surgeries and inpatient stays the last 3 years and even coded after surgery in June so he’s been inpatient a lot. He and our kitty are BFFs and he got home from the hospital. I took our kitty for a walk as my hubs still wasn’t up for it but when we came home my hubs was standing outside and our cat realized he was actually home for real and lost it! My hubs is still waiting for his perfect kidney match and fights with cystic fibrosis every day and is thriving with his lung transplant. He and the kitty are two peas in a pod. People were upset he didn’t hug the kitty, but it wasn’t safe for him to bend down to kitty. Lots of couch snuggles were had safely inside."

Location USA
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Posted By Michelle Touch
Posted On Jan-21-2023


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