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Gentle Horse Befriends Tiny Kitten

Occurred on May 26, 2021 / Castenedolo, Brescia, Italy

Info from Licensor: "Sole is a sweet 9yo Italian gelding who really likes kittens. At the beginning of May, a female cat gave birth to seven little cats at the barn. When they were one month they started to walk around everywhere, but the mom thought that the safest place to feed them and for them to sleep was outside Sole's box.
Every day he cuddles them, and they really like him too! Everybody needs a little bit of pet therapy, animals as well. This video makes me feel good: Sole knows how to be gentle with that kitten, they have a lovely and sweet connection. So pure, so special. This could be a lesson for all humans. We need to be more like this."

Location Castenedolo, Brescia, Italy
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Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jun-14-2021