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Tiny Dog in Cute Outfit has a Big Attitude

Occurred on January 2022 / Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: I was shopping in Prince George BC and saw the old man with the dog, he seemed like he wanted to show her off. I didn’t really care but I like seniors and he was cute with his dressed-up dog. Being nice I rolled my truck window down and asked him if I can take a video, he approached and said yes. So I started recording, I reached out to pet the dog, and IDK if she smelled all my cats or the McDonald’s I ate on my fingertips but she didn’t like it so she nipped at me. It didn’t hurt at all more startled me than anything. When the camera was off I asked him the dog's name, and he told me it was Bonnie. And that was pretty much it. I said bye and laughed.

Location Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By Renee Alspaugh
Posted On Apr-26-2022