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Kitty Loves Hugs

Occurred on August 23, 2014 / Burbank, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "Our kitty, Franzie, has a special way that he shows us he wants a hug. Franzie will stand up on his hind legs and stretch his front paws up toward you as if to say, 'Hug, please!'

People often comment on Franzie's videos, asking, 'How did you teach him that?' The truth is, Franzie invented this technique and taught it to my husband and me!

When Franzie was still a kitten, just a few weeks after we had adopted him from the shelter, my husband and I noticed this peculiar arm stretching when we went to pick him up. After noting his up-stretching paws, we started to pause before picking him up to ask him if he wanted a hug. When we did that, he would respond with this adorable standing position as an answer!

That was years ago, and still today, Franzie offers this special hug to us several times a day!"

Location Burbank, California, USA
Occurred Aug-23-2014
Posted By Tricia Carr
Posted On Jun-20-2019