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Wild Boar Wants Fight or Friendship

Occurred on September 24, 2017 / Visegrad, Pest, Hungary

Info from Licensor: "I am a passionate fisherman and was visiting one of my favorite spot at Visegrad in Hungary. This is a nice peninsula at the river Danube where locals come quite often for fishing, walking or running. I arrived to the shore around 6 pm, thirty minutes before sunset and I was really happy that no other fishermen were around. I had just started fishing when I first heard the noise from the bushes. I thought a fellow fishermen was about to arrive but it was a huge wild boar instead! It was ten meters from me and was quite calm as it walked down to drink. It was so unreal, and since I haven't met any wild animals before so closely, I forgot to panic and continued fishing. Roughly a minute later, I realized I should do something with the situation so I started shouting towards the pig, but he did not react, just slowly walked back to the bushes. I thought that was it and continued fishing. Few minutes later I realized that the boar was now five meters from me in the bushes walking straight towards me. I was trapped since he blocked the exit root. I had only one option, and that was to jump into the running river. I realized that I still had one sandwich I dropped it to the left and started running through to bushed to the right! He did not follow me. I ran back to my car which was about 100 meters away. When I arrived to the car I looked back, and the boar was just behind me! I jumped into the car and started shooting the video. The boar was chasing my car for fifty minutes, and I could not get away from him. It was really muddy there, and even in a Subaru Outback it was not easy to escape. Later I drove to the entrance of the peninsula where there were other people, so we could scare him away. I drove back to my tackles, picked them up, and found my sandwich. After watching the video couple of times I can not decide if he wanted to attack me or was just wanted to be friends. Regardless, I am happy I never had to find out the answer."

Location Visegrad, Pest, Hungary
Occurred Sep-24-2017
Posted By Kristof Fischer
Posted On Sep-26-2017