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A Regular Morning in Alaska

A baby moose made its way into an Alaskan grocery store. Occurrence Date: October 15, 2015 Info From Licensor: "My daughter and I were shopping in Wasilla Carrs, when a store clerk mentioned that something was going to come in the doors. She was astounded and kept commenting about the entrance. I asked what she was talking about in fear for myself and my daughter, when she explained that a baby moose was walking towards the door. we both wondered how on earth the animal had been able to get so close! When the moose entered, she proceeded to block the door with her arms and body not wanting the animal to enter. You can hear her explaining her actions. I then picked up a trash can and tried to spook the animal by banging on it. The baby moose must scare easier, and if the mother came to look for it, we would be in danger. We then tried to close the doors, and hope for the animal to leave. eventually a manager was called, and everyone from the store came to view the baby moose."

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Posted By Emily Reuter
Posted On Oct-26-2015