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Cute Kid (Accidentally) Swears Whilst Telling His Puppy To Sit

Info From Licensor: "In the clip you will see our two year old son, Brody. He is quite a character, and always very expressive... all be it that he's still learning to talk properly and will sometimes miss pronounce words.

One day a few weeks ago we saw him playing with our puppy, who's called Teddy. He was telling him to Sit, only it sounded to us like he was saying something else. My wife quickly grabbed her phone, and started filming him to see if he would continue. What happened was totally natural, and totally innocent. Our family and friends have seen it on our youtube channel, and all agree it's so funny because it's not staged and not intentionally rude. It's just a cute little boy playing with his puppy, and telling him to sit... which ends up sounding a lot like "Sh*t".
We hope others will enjoy it as much as we have!"

Occurrence Date: 10/14/2015

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Posted By Sean O'Donoghue
Posted On Nov-3-2015