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Grandma Swept Off Her Feet At Gender Reveal

Occurred on May 29, 2021 / Andersonville, Tennessee, USA

Info from Licensor: "We live on the lake (Norris Lake) located in Andersonville, Tennessee. I originally didn't want to have a reveal, just something more low-key, but as word spread more and more people said they wanted to be a part of it, so we moved the reveal from our house to our marina. Everyone asked me about throwing a theme, but I wanted it to be something that was 'us', so I said let's just make it a band night/tailgate; we always have bands come down to the marina and it's what we all enjoy doing. Phil Collins's song 'In the air tonight' is played by my family every New Year's Eve as the ball drops; it's one of those 'feel good' songs that my family loves. So, I decided I wanted the smoke bombs to go off at the end of the drum chorus. None of us knew the gender. We had the envelope for two weeks. On the day of, I let one person open the envelope to see the gender to hand the color bomb to the designated people. We planned it for Memorial Day weekend knowing the weather would be perfect.... but Mother Nature had other plans... it was miserably cold. We decided rain, sun, or snow, the party was going to happen! My grandma was 84 at the time. She has five grandchildren and my child is her sixth great-grandchild. As we gathered at the front I held her hand waiting for the big moment. As the color bombs went off, I slung forward forgetting to release my hand from hers, while my husband (in the red) jumped forward. My mom (in the yellow) rushed forward, quite literally plowing her--- and down went grandma. We SWEAR the Snuggie I gave her to wear that day saved her!!!! She bounced back up with the help of others without a broken bone or scratch. We welcomed our most perfect baby boy November of 2021."

Location Andersonville, Tennessee, USA
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Posted By Amanda Huber
Posted On Feb-14-2023