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Insane ParaSki Close Call With Bikini Skier

Occurred on May 21, 2017 / Mt. Baker Back Country, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: "The Mt. Baker Seshup is an annual public event hosted outside the main ski area at the end of the ski season. This was my first time attending. I was filming the event to capture highlights for a short ski/snowboard video. I knew there were going to be some talented riders so I wanted to be there. I was sitting underneath the jump filming the riders overhead. I heard the crowd of about 300 start to cheer and look up toward the sky. Three Para-Skiers were soaring over the event. I decided to film them on their decent. Once the first one went by I heard someone say 'Hit the jump!' I aimed the camera up and saw the second one descending into the valley below. Suddenly I felt a strong force of wind fly right over me. The third Para-Skier flew past, narrowly missed the girl in the bikini and two others."
Location Mt. Baker Back Country, Washington, USA
Occurred May-21-2017
Posted By Edward Hayes
Posted On Jun-14-2017