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Ice Skating Through the Streets of Regina

Occurred on January 10, 2018 / Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Info from Licensor: "I went ice skating on my front street, right out front of my house. I went ice skating with my old, small worn out hockey skates around the block. It was way easier to skate that day then to try and walk anywhere. It was raining the night before, so the next day was perfect for a little skate. I almost fell a few times as it was very hard to skate on ice, gravel, rocks, cement patches. I went all the down my front street and came up my alley back home. I did this because how many times do you get a change to do this kind of thing? It might be a once in a life thing, so take full advantage. Also, the guy driving in the black SUV who passed me was laughing. It was pretty funny. The skates got a little beat up. There more dull then they were and the edges are beaten up pretty good."

Location Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Occurred Jan-10-2018
Posted By Michael Parisian
Posted On Jan-12-2018