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Here I Go Again (Into the Lake)

Occurred on February 26, 2022 / Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: I took some friends bowfishing on Caddo Lake. It was a cold night. My friend Connor had been drinking entirely too much all night and had already fallen off the boat once while fishing. I took him back to my house on the river and got him a fresh set of dry clothes. We went back out fishing for a while and it started raining and would not stop. So we decided to call it and drove back to my lake house. On the way back ‘Here I go again’ by Whitesnake came on my radio. I encouraged Connor to waive his mullet while I was videoing. He presumed to stand up on the front platform and shake his hair. In his drunken dizziness he lost his balance shaking his head and fell off the boat for a 2nd time. Credit: IG/@CaddoBlake
Location Texas, USA
Occurred Feb-26-2022
Posted By Blake Ferris
Posted On Mar-29-2022