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Boston Terrier Loves Playing Tetherball

Occurred on May 1, 2023 / New Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA

Info from Licensor: "This is a video of my Boston terrier named Jimmy-James. He is a rescue dog. When I got him he was in rough shape. Luckily his foster parents of 2 months did great by him and were super awesome people. He was used as a breeder stud in a black market puppy mill. He may have also been in dog fighting. When he came to the rescue he was missing many patches of fur, and had scars and open wounds all over his head. He was very defensive and exhibited all the traits of an abused and neglected canine. He had many injuries and health issues. Since being rescued he has been flooded with love, structure, and positive reinforcement. He has grown into a truly amazing pupper and the thing he loves most is tetherball. He loves many other things, especially frisbee, but tetherball takes the crown. He could play tether from sun up to sun down if it wasn't for the fact his little doggo heart can only take so much so we have to cut him off at times, much to his protest. Jimmy-James aka KingBorkBork wants to be the tetherball poster-doggo for all other pet owners who don't know about it. He knows it's the best thing since Milk-Bones. I recorded this video a few weeks ago of him doing his ritual AM tetherball training. Since then he has even gotten more proficient. Increased stamina, jump height, accuracy, and explosiveness. He wants to be in the doggo olympics now and he thinks he is as dedicated as rocky. Hence his new nickname 'Borky Balboa'."

Location New Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anthony Milazzo
Posted On May-19-2023