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Lady Rescues a Hawk Stuck in Her Pool

Occurred on April 29, 2021 / Mason, New Hampshire, USA

Info from Licensor: During this event, I was 8 months pregnant. When I came home from a routine appointment, I noticed there was a hawk stuck in my pool. I watched him struggle for a few minutes before I decided to take action. I tried to get him out with sticks with no luck. Instincts kicked in and I decided to pull him out with my hands. The hawk was clearly just as frightened as I was. I tried to settle him on perches several times with no luck. I decided to stand under my overhang so he could dry off a bit. He stayed on my arm for about 20 minutes and just stared at me. I think he was grateful and eventually felt comfortable enough to hang with me until he regained his strength. He flew off after that time, leaving both of us unharmed. I would definitely do it again if I had to!

Location Mason, New Hampshire, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Cortnie Langley
Posted On May-6-2021