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Horse Gets Caught in a Balloon during Magic Kingdom Parade

Occurred on July 11, 2020 / Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "I began filming one of the new mini-parades at the Magic Kingdom. A family comes up from behind me, and one member of the family is a toddler with a balloon. Merida notices the toddler and she waves at him. I think, wow, that’s great! But then the toddler starts running into the parade route with his balloon. The father then grabs his son and pulls him back, but the toddler’s balloon kept going and hit the horse, and wrapped around the horse’s leg. I’m sure the horse didn’t like something on his leg, so he tried to get it off him, but no luck. That’s what you see in the video. Merida, holds on for dear life and eventually slides off the horse."

Location Walt Disney World, Florida, USA
Occurred Jul-11-2020
Posted By William Zanetti
Posted On Jul-13-2020