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Road Rage Between a NYC Cabbie and Pick-Up Truck Driver

Occurred on May 17, 2016 / New York, NY, USA

Info From Licensor: "I was driving down the BQE highway E/B from Manhattan to LGA to drop my passenger. On the way, I saw a pick up driver driving aggressively and changing lanes abruptly. I made a quick comment to my passenger that this guy is driving aggressively I'm just going to let him come in my lane, and I did let him because I didn't want any problems. A couple of miles later I noticed the same pick up driver on the BQE highway just before exit 40, with his driver side window down and shouting at a yellow cabbie who was also heading to LGA airport with his 2 passengers. Then because of the heated words the cabbie became aggressive as well and starting hitting the brakes and peddle. As if the cabbie was now trying to overtake him to show him who the better driver is, but I noticed 2 passengers in the back of the cabbies car. It's dangerous to become enraged on the road as it could lead to further problems for the driver and the passengers. As I was watching all this, the pick-up driver pulled up in front of the cabbie and slammed on his brakes and exited to pick-up truck to confront the taxi driver, and taxi driver made the mistake of exiting his taxi right on The highway to "take care" of the pick up driver. That's when they exchanged heated words and the pick-up driver all of sudden punched the cabbie in the face and the cabbie started fighting back. I intervened and tried to stop the fight but they were too aggressive, so I went back to the side of my car and started recording. As I was recording I noticed a couple of hundred feet away there was a police car which was there to make a report of an accident which was unrelated to this incident. After the highway traffic blocked and honks starting blowing the 2 female police officers came running from their cars and arrested both the drivers. Now that the driver of the other cab was arrested I asked my passenger whether I could offer the 2 ladies in the other can a ride because now that their driver has been arrested, my passenger was nice enough to let me pick them up as well and they happened to be going to the same airport same terminal as my own passenger." -Sajid Mahmood

Credit: Sajid Mahmood /

Location New York, NY, USA
Occurred May-17-2016
Posted By Sajid Mahmood
Posted On May-18-2016