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Grey Wolf Chases Family in Car

Occurred on September 8, 2017 / British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: My family, my dad, and in-laws were driving around Radium Hot Springs. It was a hazy morning because of all the wildfires that have happened in the province. My husband then slowed down and saw a grey wolf beside the road. He alerted us, and because I am always fascinated with nature and wild animals we meet during our trips, I got my phone and started recording. I was sitting at the very back of the van when I saw him running beside the road and when I turned to look at the back that is when I noticed him chasing after the car. He was running so fast and he had his eyes only on us because there were other cars in the opposite direction. He chased us for a good couple of kilometers and it was an amazing experience. If only we had the time we would've tried to see how far he will follow us but we were on a time crunch as well. I was keen on reporting or calling parks Canada cause we were afraid that the wolf might get hit by another moving vehicle but there was no service in the area.

Location British Columbia, Canada
Occurred Sep-8-2017
Posted By Ricci Alburo
Posted On Oct-9-2017