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Making Music with the Mega Marvin

Occurred on February 9, 2017 / Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Info from Licensor: After long time inventor Marvin Morford passed down his welder to his grandson Adam, the rest was history. Adam always told him that he wanted to build an instrument and name it after him, and thus the Marvin was born. The original Marvin was designed and built in June of 2016 and proved to be a sound effect tool unlike any other. Shortly thereafter was the inception of the company Morfbeats. Since then, brothers Adam and Austin Morford (Morfbeats) have been designing, building and selling their many different instruments all around the world.

The bell of the original Marvin is 2ft x 2ft, which is quite big, but one day over at Morfbeats, they decided to go bigger for their personal collection. A couple of weeks later, the 3ft x 3ft Mega Marvin was born.

This is a video of Adam Morford of Morfbeats demonstrating the sonic versatility of the Mega Marvin, a sound effect tool, unlike anything you've ever seen or heard before!

Location Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Occurred Feb-9-2017
Posted By Adam Morford
Posted On May-13-2019