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Serious Car Accident at Richmond Hill

Occurred on August 22, 2018 / Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "The accident occurred at around 9:10 AM in Richmond Hill, a suburb of the Greater Toronto Area. Two cars collided. The red car made a bad left turn as the white car was traversing the intersection. The collision sent the white car airborne and it crashed against a guardrail off screen. The occupant of the white vehicle was unconscious when I went to check on him. A bystander said the engine was on fire and I saw a low of smoke. I decided to pull the man out of the car. Along with the help of two others, we pulled the man out and laid him down about 30-feet from the car. He was in an out of consciousness initially, but once he regained consciousness, he seemed coherent. The paramedics then took over. I wasn't able to see the occupants of the red vehicle other than from far as I stayed with the man in the white car. I could, however, see that a man was driving the red car and a woman was a passenger. They were initially both unconscious, but eventually regained consciousness as well. The police told me they had serious injuries and were being taken to a trauma center."

Location Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Occurred Aug-22-2018
Posted By David Ursino
Posted On Aug-23-2018