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Police Officer Helps Disabled Lady

Occurred on April 25, 2016 / Surrey, BC, Canada

Info From Licensor: "The city of Surrey and the Surrey RCMP tend to get a bad rep (because of gang violence and drug wars) but it was really heartwarming and hard not to share the kindness of this police officer who took time out of his day to help our tenant out. She is partially blind and disabled and was having a hard time carrying her bags off a bus. The officer saw her struggling and offered to help. He drove her home and even carried her bags to her door. She was so grateful and so were we to see such acts of kindness. There are rumors that the officer will even be honored. Proud to be Canadian!" - Anujeet Rai
Location Surrey, BC, Canada
Occurred Apr-25-2016
Posted By Anujeet Rai
Posted On Apr-29-2016


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