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Wild Neighbors Drop By to Use Backyard Pool

Occurred on July 24, 2021 / Rakkestad, Viken, Norway

Info from Licensor: "We moved to our new home in February. After a couple of weeks, we noticed a deer in the fields. The deer visited this area often. From time to time the deer came closer to us or ran through our territory. We saw the deer so often that we got worried when it didn't show up. Some time went by since we left for the holidays. When we came back we noticed that the deer came back with its babies. We had a pool set up and we thought it had a leak because some water disappeared. Later on, we noticed that the deers were drinking from the pool. With time they became braver and the parent deer let its children come by themselves. They became so brave that even if we sat outside, they would come and jump in the pool and cool down or drink. They are our neighbors.

Credit: Audrius Miles

Location Rakkestad, Viken, Norway
Occurred not known
Posted By Audrius Milius
Posted On Jul-31-2021