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Dog Reacts to Her Cancer Test Results

Occurred March 7, 2015 / Kailua, Hawaii

Info from Licensor: "Our dog Lily collapsed and needed an emergency transfusion. They told us she had a large tumor on her spleen and it was most likely Hermangeosarcoma and if we didn't do a splenectomy she would die. Even if we did operate it would only buy her a couple of months. They told us there was only a very small chance it was not Hermangiosarcoma and the vet said in 25 years she never had a case that was not. We emptied our savings and paid for the surgery. After a few days we got the test results, I decided to make a video for our friends and family as a more fun way to announce she was going to be okay. Also I wanted a video for those searching for information about this cancer because I didn't find many encouraging things. I was not expecting it to get as big as it did. Since then the video has had nearly 500 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments and shares from people who said they lost their pets to this cancer or who decided to give their animals a chance and do the surgery and who also had good results. It has raised a lot of awareness about this cancer. Also, the proceeds of the video ended up saving the life of our long time companion Copper who was diagnosed with Lymphoma months after this video was posted. We would not have been able to afford the treatment that gave him eight more months with us before he passed."

Location Kailua, Hawaii
Occurred not known
Posted By Daniela Stolfi
Posted On Jan-4-2017