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Truck Slides into Jeep During Snow Storm in a Hit and Run

Occurred on December 12, 2017 / South Bend, Indiana, USA

Info from Licensor: "Dashcam video that I recorded during a snowstorm 12-12, 2017 in South Bend, IN. My car is running new snow tires and is AWD, I had outstanding traction in the slippery snow. I was following the black pickup, at the beginning of the video he runs a stop sign. I followed him at a safe distance, knowing that he had no traction in the snow (based on how he slid right through the stop sign) and knew that I was recording. Sure enough, a minute later he loses control when the road curves to the right, and slides into the red Jeep and totals it. The driver in the pickup truck tried to flee the scene, and I went after him. I found him hiding in the parking lot, and told the police where he was."
Location South Bend, Indiana, USA
Occurred Dec-12-2017
Posted By Paul Milnes
Posted On Jul-18-2020