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Caught in a Car During a Massive Storm

Occurred on: October 14, 2017 / Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Info From Licensor: "We got stuck in a severe thunder storm at Worlds of Fun, and we all had to run to our cars in the pouring rain. I get into the drivers seat to drive away, and my driver window decides to roll down on its own! I didn’t even touch it. Apparently the rain damaged the motor so that I couldn't roll my window back up. So I was stuck in the pouring rain and couldn't get the window to roll up no matter what. So my brother got out of my moms car and did everything he could to get it to roll up. He then started taking the paneling off so he could manually roll the window up, but then the storm started to hit even harder. It felt like a tornado went over us. My car even moved. I'm just thankful we were all safe."

Location Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Occurred Oct-14-2017
Posted By Nikita Ketchum
Posted On Oct-20-2017