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Boaters Rescue Helpless Blue Heron in Central Florida

Occurred on March 30, 2024 / Merritt Island, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "Recap: Nichole, Palmer, Javed Palmer, and Howie Brown all met up at the 528 overpass heading into Merritt Island to hang out and take our GoBoats out on the water for the day. As we were cruising around the area checking out the many dolphins, manatees, and sting rays, my husband Javed noticed a bird hanging, stuck to a tree on the side of the shore. We drove our boats over to investigate and we saw the blue heron snagged, hanging tied up by the beak and one foot. My husband Javed stood up on his boat while Howie and I tried to keep it balanced so he could get the branch low enough to reach the branch the bird was on. When we finally cut the bird free from the branch, we noticed his beak and leg were still tangled in the finishing line so we had to follow him and figure out where he went. Once we found him again, my husband picked him up and we cut the string off his beak and foot. The line was heavily embedded into his beak, which most likely prevented him from eating for a long time before he was caught in that tree. He was very weak.

My message to fishermen and whoever else uses our waterways and natural environments is to please clean up after yourself. We were so lucky to save this guy but how many other birds and other wildlife are not so lucky? Improperly discarded fishing line and trash are a huge threat to our local birds and marine wildlife. This video should be a BIG reminder to leave no trace or trash behind and be mindful of wildlife we share this earth with."

Location Merritt Island, Florida, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Nichole Palmer
Posted On Apr-10-2024