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Family Harassed by Racists Neighbors

Occurred on May 31, 2017 / Liverpool, UK

Info from Licensor: "For six months my family has lived on 25 Thurston Road. From the time we moved in we have asked our neighbours both adults and children not to kick footballs against our windows. Instead of stopping, they only have gotten worse. They have used the excuse of us not being from here as a reason for them to continue. The have called us names in the street such as "Gypsy", "Scum". They told us to go back to our country. Have had their children assault my son in school. They have used their friends to intimidate and harass us, even sitting on my doorstep drinking alcohol and blowing cigarette smoke in our letter box. and throwing stones at our windows. They justify treating us in this manner by saying we are foreigners, Gypsies. We have had to get the council involved and the police as well as the antisocial team. Any reports we have made has only made them escalate their treatment of us. It has gotten so bad that we are moving house because of the treatment and we do not want our children to have to deal with antiziganism/xenophobia at such a young age."

Location Liverpool, England
Occurred May-31-2017
Posted By Megan Brayton
Posted On Jun-8-2017