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A Deer Dinner for Two

Occurred on December 17, 2016 / Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA

Info from Licensor: "Wildwood Park and Zoo provides regular 'enrichment' to our zoo animals in order to better provide a diverse, stimulating environment conducive to keeping animals happy and healthy under human care. Zookeeper Steve Burns and Volunteer Pam Nikolai teamed up to organize the 'Christmas with the Animals' event at Wildwood Zoo. Among several different enrichments provided for that event was the Holiday Feast provided for the deer that ultimately led to the Viral Deer Video. We thought it would be fun for people to see our deer juxtaposed in such a relatable human experience-sharing a holiday meal. The day of the event was quite snowy, even for December in Wisconsin, so fewer people made it to the zoo to join in the event than we had hoped. We decided to film the video and post it to our Facebook page in order to allow the everyone who couldn't make it in person to join in the fun. Our goal through responsible animal exhibition has always been to inspire and encourage people to engage with the natural world. This whim of a video certainly accomplished that goal!"
Location Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA
Occurred Dec-17-2016
Posted By Steven Burns
Posted On Nov-30-2017


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