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Mother Bear With Five Cubs In Mesick, Michigan

Occurred on June 12, 2024 / Mesick, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: "I drive for FedEx, and had made a wrong turn and ended up at the intersection of N 19 1/2 and W 18 Rd and slowed down to figure out which way I needed to go to get back on track. I looked up and saw mama bear sitting in the middle of the road, so I thought she might be hurt. I turned my truck around and parked far enough away that I could watch her, and call the DNR if she was in fact hurt. We watched each other for about 5 minutes and then suddenly her cubs started coming out 1 by 1 and before I knew it, there were FIVE! I call this divine intervention because even though I wasn’t technically supposed to be there at that moment, it ended up being the right place at the right time. Mother Nature is so cool!"

Location Mesick, Michigan, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Hannah Kaley
Posted On Jun-14-2024