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Crazy Drunk Hit and Run - 2 Cop Cars Smashed

Location: Saltspring Island, BC Canada.
Occurrence Date: August 7, 2015
Info From Licensor: "I walked outside the bar and saw a guy in between two cop cars reving his truck prior to the video. It turns out he stole a truck from a guy named Gord Fraser, and blew past a road block. This guy had mental health problems and had tried to stab officers in the past. After the video he flipped his truck minutes later, remained in the truck for hours before getting hosed out of the truck by the fire department, after threatening to light the truck on fire, and threatened fire fighters with an axe."


Crazy night! The guy gets pepper sprayed like its no big deal, drives into cop cars and gets away... Until he flips it minutes later.
"Also In the backstory, the guy went to Gord Frasers house, parked his truck beside his, and stole the 4x4s"

Location Saltspring Island, BC, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By kyle matheson
Posted On Aug-31-2015