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Sword Confrontation Near a Bank

Occurred on February 7, 2018 / Boulder, Colorado, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was sitting in the parking lot of a bank. I heard two men arguing right outside of my car. I looked up to see one of the men whip out a sword. My first instinct was to get out of my car to help defuse the situation, but I had my 3-year-old son with me in the car and didn't feel that would be the best thing to do. I pulled out my phone just as the man with the sword started to yell and violently point the sword in the other man's face. The man without the sword took off his glove and attempted to pull the sword by the blade away from the other man. Instead, the man with the sword pulled it back and cut the man's hand, which required 16 stitches. The man with the sword then whipped it around and struck him in the thigh. At this point, the victim began to back away from the man with the sword. He followed him in a rage with the look on his face like he wasn't done. After a small chase, the man casually put the sword back into its sleeve and ran to a nearby bike path. Come to find out later, the sword belonged to the man that received the injury."

Location Boulder, Colorado, USA
Occurred Feb-7-2018
Posted By Derek Navarette
Posted On Feb-9-2018