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Squirrel on Shrooms

Occurred on August 21, 2016 / Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Info from Licensor: "I'm the wife of a Saint Louis veterinarian who treats domestic animals as well as exotic critters. I assist with many of his cases and also volunteer in wildlife rescue/rehab. In my spare time, I train and walk dogs, and one day I was walking my charges through a park across from my home and noticed a squirrel try to climb a tree without success. He hit the ground hard, got up, tried to run, fell over and then just laid there for a bit, so I went up to investigate. He had something in his mouth, and as I got closer, I saw it was a piece of a mushroom. About five feet away was a patch of mushrooms that he'd obviously been getting stoned on. I grabbed my camera and filmed. After filming, I caught the squirrel and brought it back home. Not knowing whether or not it had ingested poisonous mushrooms, we treated it for poison and kept it for a couple of days before it was well enough to be released. It was stoned out of it's gourd for about two days, though."

Location Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Occurred Aug-21-2016
Posted By Teya King
Posted On Oct-19-2017