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Brother Throws Bottle at Sleeping Sister

Occurred on July 30, 2021 / Weston, Connecticut, USA

Info from Licensor: "Our boy/girl twins Jack and Ivy are almost 18 months old. They are the youngest of five kids and were a late-in-life surprise for us! Twins are a handful and have kept us super busy and always laughing. They share a really special bond and can often be found right by each other - playing, snuggling, exploring, or getting into trouble. They do have their fair share of little spats too though. They love to sleep next to each other and often wake up giggling and playing in their cribs in the morning or after a nap. They like to throw things back and forth into their cribs to play with each other. Well, this morning when we were looking at their monitor to see if they were awake, we saw Jack wake up briefly, throw his bottle at Ivy, and lay back down. There was no sound other than the bottle hitting poor Ivy's head! After this video ended, Ivy sat up slowly in bed, seemingly a little confused. She whined a little bit (Jack giggled a little bit at the same time which had us cracking up) and then she went right back to sleep. She got over it pretty quickly and neither one seemed to remember about the crazy bottle-throwing fiasco. I guess we'll never know if he meant to hit her or if he just wanted to play! Everyone can make their own assumption."

Location Weston, Connecticut, USA
Occurred Jul-30-2021
Posted By Cami Boehme
Posted On Aug-5-2021