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Priceless Reaction From 80 Year Old Grandma Getting a Pug Puppy!!!

Info From Licensor: "My husband's grandma Ann which is like my grandma also lost her Rat Terrier on Christmas Eve!! Her name was Pookie and on Christmas Eve Pookie was on the couch and just fell off the couch landing on her back with all 4 legs up which caused grandma Ann to become heart broken!! She got an I pad which she doesn't know how to do a lot but myself plus her daughter Janell taught her how to get on Facebook to like stuff, add friends, and share videos. In January she started to share videos of rescued dogs so 2 months ago I started searching for puppies. My husband Charlie and I have a Pug plus a Boston terrier which she absolutely loves them. On March 11th I finally found her a Pug puppy and set up to pick up a little girl which was a 4 hour round-trip drive. When we got to the house she had a pink bandanna on her and I picked her up which my husband plus I fell in love with the little girl!!! I knew that if Charlie plus myself fell in love with her that grandma Ann would absolutely fall in love with her!! On our way home I told my husband that I want this to be a surprise and I'm going to record it. Once we got close to her house I called her and told her I needed to talk to her about something important. When we got there I told my husband to wait until I tell him to come in. I went inside told grandma Ann to close her eyes, which then I waved for my husband to come in, and when he came in I hit record and you can see the rest......"
Location: Amelia, OH, USA
Occurrence Date: March 12, 2016

Location Amelia, OH, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Julie Cecil
Posted On Mar-15-2016