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Amazing Close Encounter with a Deer

Occurred on May 25, 2019 / Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom

Info from Licensor: "I camped at Glen Nevis campsite, Fort William, Scotland in May and decided to take a walk up to the Historic Dundearail Fort, as I walked along the main road, and just turned off to the forestry road, I was deciding whether I should climb to the Fort as the clouds were low and the fear of not seeing any good views, and at that exact point I thought I saw something moving to my side, but thought it’s just traffic and then this stunning sight appeared! I have never seen anything so majestic in all my life! Their antlers looked like ‘velvet to touch’, they were not spooked, I was stunned, they were so close I just slid my phone out of my pocket ever so quietly and captured this moment!"
Location Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom
Occurred May-25-2019
Posted By Shiralee Morgan
Posted On Dec-9-2019


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