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Real Life Zombie Encounter Up Close & Personal!

No April fools here & if it didn't actually happen to us it would be hard to believe. It was dusk on 4/1/15 & my GF, son & I were driving to a friend's BBQ when we encountered this man lying on his back waving his arms & legs in the northbound lane of Jones just past the stop light at Oakey. We were stopped trying to merge into the cars so that we could drive around him when all of a sudden the man jumped up & ran straight to us. He jumped right up onto the hood of my Lexus & had this look of terror on his face as he gazed into our eyes while making these gyrations all over the hood of my car! It was all to surreal! After about 30 seconds I asked my girlfriend to take a video while I called 911. Many thanks of gratitude are extended to the Las Vegas PD Motorcycle Officer who responded so quickly & was able to get this guy to peacefully release his death grip on my hood!!
Location Las Vegas, NV
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Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-4-2015