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Hijacked Plane Over Fircrest

Occurred on August 10, 2018 / Fircrest, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: "While outside watering, I noticed a plane flying pretty low. I did not think much about it initially. Then when I called to order pizza at 8:12 PM, while on hold, I noticed the plane flying by again with two U.S.A.F. F-15 Interceptor Military Jets in hot pursuit. I could hear the jets and plane swirling around the air for the next several minutes. Then at 8:20 PM, I ran to grab my phone to start recording. Between hanging up the phone and grabbing the device again, my mom had texted me at 8:18 PM asking me if we were experiencing any earthquakes. My guess is that when the planes went past the first time, the military jets who were pretty far behind must have rapidly increased their speed, effectively creating a loud sonic boom for most of the Eastern Tacoma and Southern Seattle metropolitan area to hear. The next time I saw the jets was at 8:30 PM. My son said that he saw the planes circle back one more time and then they headed in the direction of Lakewood area near the waterfront of the town's outskirts. I still struggle with the fact that essentially I was forced to witness a man at the end of his ropes, living out his wildest dream but creating a nightmare for his family and those who knew him. I also think about the fact that this plane could have ran out of fuel and crashed into us or any other innocent person on the ground in this highly-populated area."

Location Fircrest, Washington, USA
Occurred Aug-10-2018
Posted By Leah Morse
Posted On Aug-22-2018