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Cats on a plane!

Info From Licensor: "I was on Delta Flight 1949 from Philadelphia to Atlanta in seat 1B. I had my eyes closed during take off trying to get my normal plane-nap time in when I heard a commotion from the passengers around me. I opened my eyes and saw a cat crawling across the ground. At first, I thought it was fake and everyone was just being crazy... Then, it started moving towards the flight attendant.The flight attendant started to panic because the animal looked so scared. She spoke to it like a dog telling it to -"stay put, don't move." And, when it started moving around she was panicking. She picked up the phone to speak with the attendants in the back of the plane telling them there was a cat loose and she didn't know what to do. She quickly hung up the phone when the cat ran into the galley. She picked up the intercom to page the passenger who was "missing their pet, and to wake up whoever had a cat carrier." A woman approached the cat (still ascending in flight) trying to capture it. The flight attendant said "I have a cat and my cat knows me.. This cat doesn't know me." The woman replied "I'm a cat person." Shortly after a girl with a carrier comes to the front of the plane to retrieve the animal. Apparently the cat wasn't even hers, it belonged to her sister. The cat was then placed in the cat carrier and everyone went back to their seats."
Location: Delta Flight 1949 from Philadelphia to Atlanta
Occurrence Date: December 19, 2015

Location Philadelphia, PA
Occurred not known
Posted By Kandra Covert
Posted On Dec-21-2015