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TSA Detains Young Boy for Invasive Pat Down

Occurred on March 26, 2017 / Dallas, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "Aaron cleared traditional x-ray without incidence whatsoever. He placed his backpack on the x-ray scanner, his laptop had not been removed from his backpack, it was removed, returned to the scanner and cleared x-ray without any alarm. He was standing with me while other passenger bags were checked, then an agent who claimed to be the supervisor said he would require a pat-down. I indicated that he was a child and also had Sensory Processing Disorder and I would prefer they find an alternate way to scan him and did not understand what the problem was since he had already passed x-ray screening without incident. I was very rudely told that we could do that or we could be escorted out by DFW police and would not be flying and also sarcastically told that I was "setting a great example for my children". This same apparent supervisor gave us multiple rude comments and made all of us feel targeted because I spoke up in concern for the procedures. The pat-down of Aaron was extremely excessive and seems to me very unfounded after he passed screening without any alarm."

Location Dallas, Texas, USA
Occurred Mar-26-2017
Posted On Mar-27-2017