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How to Mount a Trailer in Russia

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Occurred on April 19, 2017 / Far East, Russia Info from Licensor: "After a long season of conducting exploration drilling at our remote exploration camp in the Russian Far East, the drilling c..
Location Far East, Russia
Occurred Apr-19-2017
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Aug-25-2017

Police Respond to Bear in Russia

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Occurred on June 4, 2017 / Vilyuchinsk,Kamchatka region, Russia Info: "The police and rescuers responded to a bear. A bear climbed into the city in search of food and behaved aggressively. To..
Location Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka region,Russia
Occurred Jun-4-2017
Posted On Jun-7-2017

Meteor Explodes Over Russia

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Occurred on December 6, 2016 / Sayanogorsk, Khakassia, Russia Info: The sky lights up over a building as a meteor explodes...
Location Sayanogorsk, Khakassia, Russia
Occurred Dec-6-2016
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Dec-7-2016

Mysterious Ball Lightning Over Field in Russia

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Occurred on July 18, 2016 / Novosibirskaya Oblast, Russia Info: A blue glowing ball appeared over a field in Russia and some suspected it was a UFO. Scientists believe it was actually a rare examp..
Location Novosibirskaya Oblast, Russia
Occurred Jul-18-2016
Posted By Roman Tregubov
Posted On Aug-19-2016