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Biker In The Rain

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 15, 2023 / Miami, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "I was waiting for a red light to change to green in Miami when I saw this man on a motorcycle in the pouring rain relaxin..
Location Miami, Florida, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Juan Garces
Posted On Aug-17-2023

Biker With A Stowaway

  • Cleared
Occurred on / Cebu City, Philippines Info: Driving through the highway up in the mountains of Cebu City, Philippines and we see this. No other context, just some dude on a bike with an iguana...
Location Cebu City, Philippines
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jul-18-2023

Collies And Their Biker Enjoy The Trails

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 23, 2023 / Queenstown, New Zealand Info from Licensor: "Harry Denton, with the border collies Manuka and Indie, riding a downhill bike trail in Queenstown, New Zealand. Ha..
Location Queenstown, New Zealand
Occurred not known
Posted By Paul Foley
Posted On Jul-11-2023

Stunt Biker Misses Landing

  • Cleared
Occurred on September 2022 / Pelham, Alabama, USA Info from Licensor: It happened at oak mountain state park on the lightning trail. Our friend Bryan tried to hit a drop and ended up falling. He wa..
Location Pelham, Alabama, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-5-2023

Dirt Biker Nearly Crashes on Grass Embankment

  • Cleared
Occurred on December 30, 2022 / France Info from Licensor: "When the death is near @JOGEODA."..
Location France
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jan-6-2023

Mounter Biker Group Crash

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 29, 2022 / Poiana Brasov, Brasov, Romania Info from Licensor: "Team training on the new trail on Mt. Postavaru, Brasov, Romania. Happy jumping and crashing at one point, but s..
Location Poiana Brasov, Brasov, Romania
Occurred not known
Posted By Ruxandra Stanescu
Posted On Aug-14-2022

Biker Fails His Trick and Damages Car

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 20, 2017 / Amherst, Massachusetts, USA Info from Licensor: "I've traveled the Northeast for the last decade filming extreme sports. On this day, we were at UMASS Amherst and,..
Location Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jordan Levesque
Posted On May-17-2022

Mountain Biker Loses Control and Falls off Bridge

  • Cleared
Occurred on October 2021 / Cidade de Goiás, Brazil Info from Licensor: We were on the way to Cora Coralina, Corumbá de Goiás up to the city of Goiás, 300 km. On the fourth and last day, missing abo..
Location Cidade de Goiás, Brazil
Occurred not known
Posted On May-2-2022

Biker Encounters Black Bear on Trail

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 31, 2021 / Naples, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "I was biking alone on CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Sanctuary Trail and encountered this big black bear."..
Location Naples, Florida, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Brenda Stelzer
Posted On Jul-7-2021