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New Construction Goes Up in Flames

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 11, 2022 / Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Info from Licensor: "Unknown cause of the fire, was seen in tightly packed townhomes. Wind caused the fire to rapidly spread to townhomes..
Location Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By Karissa Di Lellio
Posted On Jul-22-2022

Security Camera Captures Spider Web Construction

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 25, 2020 / Pomfret, Maryland, USA Info from Licensor: "We have a Nest camera that overlooks our back yard. I noticed a spider had built a web right inside the camera's fiel..
Location Pomfret, Maryland, USA
Occurred Aug-25-2020
Posted By Roy El-Rayes
Posted On Aug-28-2020

Crafty Father Constructs a Slide Bed For His Daughter

  • Cleared
Occurred on November 20, 2019 / Essex, England, UK Info From Licensor: "My daughter really wanted a slide on her bed so I built this starlit slide bed for under £200 using cheap materials.&quo..
Location Essex, England, UK
Occurred Nov-20-2019
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Aug-10-2020

Homemade Pizza Oven Construction

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 15, 2017 Info from Licensor: "The video shows the manufacturing process of an oven for homemade pizza, from the foundation, up to the operation ended with the pizza ready...
Location Unknown
Occurred Feb-15-2017
Posted On Apr-5-2017

Construction Worker Saved From Scaffolding Failure

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 9, 2021 / Madrid, Cundinamarca, Colombia Info from Licensor: "A worker was rescued when a cable broke from the scaffold he was working on. Moments of anguish that fortunately..
Location Madrid, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Occurred Jun-9-2021
Posted By Jose Morales
Posted On Aug-9-2022

Construction Worker Shows Off for School Kids

  • Cleared
Occurred on December 2021 / Rocklin, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Coworker doing wheelies and donuts on a skid steer to entertain the kids at school. The kids were jumping and screamin..
Location Rocklin, California, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Terence Wong
Posted On Dec-13-2021

Construction Worker Saves Huge Tarantula

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 15, 2020 / Nazario, Goias, Brazil Info from Licensor: "I was working on the railroad. I was excavating and there was a dry stump near the excavation that had to be removed,..
Location Nazário, Goiás, Brazil
Occurred Aug-15-2020
Posted On Oct-2-2021

Two Large Snakes Mating in Construction Site

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 16, 2021 / Info: What is this snake? The more people watch, the bigger the show. Credit: Mhanoy..
Location Unknown
Occurred not known
Posted By
Posted On May-18-2021

Over-Sized Load Sends Construction Cones Flying

  • Cleared
Occurred on September 1, 2020 / Zeeland, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving down the road at around 9:30 am on September 1st, 2020, when I noticed the truck in front of me had a..
Location Zeeland, Michigan, USA
Occurred Sep-1-2020
Posted By Adam Helgevold
Posted On Sep-3-2020

Running with Chair Leads to Fall for Construction Worker

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 10, 2019 / Bozeman, Montana, USA Info from Licensor: "I was working at a job site last Summer and my boss told us to go clean up a pile of trash on the other side of the site...
Location Bozeman, Montana, USA
Occurred Jul-10-2019
Posted By Connor Lopes
Posted On Jun-16-2020