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Firefighters Put Out Car Fire

Occurred on July 1, 2022 / Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: I'm a part time hospice chaplain and I was driving to the office for supplies. I had purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry about a month ago and there was no sign of problems. I was driving down Michigan Ave. in Saginaw, MI and my dash electronics started restarting. I then smelled something 'electrical' and I knew something was wrong. I pulled into the first lot I saw (Burger King) and found a space with no buildings or cars. When I got out, I saw smoke starting to roll out from under the hood, and then I saw fire dripping to the ground. I called 911 right away and they were on their way as I filmed. The fire department arrived within 10-15 minutes and put out the fire. It was a total loss. It was caused by an electrical shortage near the battery. That's all we know.
Location Saginaw, Michigan, USA
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Posted By Michael Leiter
Posted On Jul-5-2022